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Paqua - The Dubs


The Dubs

Claremont 56

Released: 4th August 2014 | 2 track nu-disco single

It's more or less a family affair on this new 10 from Claremont, with Idjut Boys and Laj/Raj/Ray back together again with two separate remixes of Balearic supergroup Paqua. It's a case of beauty before age (sorry boys) with the Mangler calling shotgun on the horizontal bliss of The Visitor. If you cast your mind back to Ray's mix of Bing Ji Ling's Sunshine Love from a couple of years back then you'll be in the right frame of mind for this sunkissed groove. An understated drum track gets us moving, soon to be joined by the hazy exoticism of conga rolls and cowbell chimes. As Bing's vocals drift in, floating on a breeze of delay, the low slug bassline and mellow keys make their entrance, demanding you move in the most gentle way possible. Ray fills the sonic space out with his trademark use of synth twiddles, spacey fx and birdsong, taking us to a idyllic pastoral setting. On the flip, those fazed Idjuts slip the chugging Balearock of Late Train a naughty wrong'un with highly psychedelic results. A fine companion piece to their production work on the single version, this druggy and dubby remix strips the track to the barest bones, then douses what's left in a voodoo brew. Flanged bass and guitar, wild delay and echo, reverse reverb and the odd white noise whoosh are all expertly employs as Paqua are given a one way ticket to (dub)space.