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Bison - Mandy (Extended Mixes)


Mandy (Extended Mixes)

Claremont 56

Released: 18th August 2014 | 2 track nu-disco single

Originally released on a 7 in 2011, Mudd extends the track for a 12release with vocal and instrumental version.

Recorded at Can's legendary Innerspace Studio, It's a seedy late night boogie with sultry vocals from a tempting hostess and the gentlemanly yet sinister host, the legendary Holger Czukay. A grinding, guttural bass, rolling groove and slinky guitar lines, all finessed with weird space-ocean noises. A good dose of organ comes into the second half and picks up the step. The results are of the kind when records become loved for their obscure oddity and otherwordliness. A track that doesn't fit anywhere, but works everywhere.