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Bambi Davidson - Brunswick

Bambi Davidson


claremont 56

Released: 16th March 2015 | 2 track downtempo single

It's been a long time between drinks for German band Bambi
Davidson. Brunswick, their first outing on Claremont 56, is
their first recorded output for 15 years.
It's something of a triumphant return, too. Last time we heard
from them, back in 2000, they were a post minimal rock
duo comprising of guitarist/vocalist Robin van Velzen and
drummer Hans Christian Fuss. A decade and a half of live
improvisation and a multitude of collaborations later, they
return as a Balearic rock four-piece. The band's newest
members, former Mountaineer man Frank Mollena and Sophia
Fuss, were asked to join following a particularly successful
series of live collaborations and improvisational jams.
Brunswick, the first track from their soon-to-be-released
sophomore set, is particularly special. It's a 13-minute shuffle
through Balearic post-rock territory, with Van Velzen's weary,
emotional vocals riding a wave of vibrant colours, backwards
Saxophone and undulating, krautrock-influenced grooves.
Hazy, intoxicating and evocative, it sounds like a horizontal
anthem in the making.