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Paraíso - Teu sorriso


Teu sorriso

claremont 56

Released: 18th September 2015 | 2 track nu-disco ep

After eight years, Claremont 56 is proud to present its' 50th 12 single release - a special collaborative 12 that's been some nine years in the making. Teu Sorriso marks the debut from Paraiso, a project schemed up in the hilltops of Derbyshire, the sun-soaked beaches of Brazil and the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong. The story begins in 2006, when then Matlock-based producer Ant Harrison (now resident in Hong Kong) began daydreaming about South American music. The veteran studio maestro – best known for his deep house partnership with Matt Rhythm under the Rhythm Plate guise – took to the Internet in search of inspiration, and found a Brazilian duo, guitarist Carlos and vocalist Nego. Having offered to produce some tracks from their jamming, he put together a range of tracks, adding drums, bass, Rhodes, strings (expertly played by Richard Hancock) and additional percussion. Now those tracks, expertly mixed from the stems by Claremont 56 boss Mudd, are finally available on this beautifully packaged 12. Both are deliciously breezy, with the duo's loose samba vibe enhanced dexterously by Harrison's deft production and sympathetic rhythms. The title track kicks things off, delivering a jaunty, sun-kissed blend of shuffling acoustic guitars, cheery vocals, lilting saxophone and undeniably Balearic grooves. Mudd delivers an extended mix of Filhas De Oxhum on the flip, stretching out Harrison's groove seductively, whilst leaving enough space in the mix for Harrison, Carlos and Nego's original instrumentation and vocals to breathe. The result is a mesmerizing chunk of shuffling dancefloor Balearica, in true Claremont 56 style.