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Blend aka Mishkin - Sudden Death (A Field Guide To)
CD Album
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Blend aka Mishkin

Sudden Death (A Field Guide To)


Released: 21st September 2009 | 24 track leftfield/idm single
Blend (also known as Mishkin), ends up locking himself in the studio for three months with his MPC, a big stack of records (including loads of spoken word - the album is a paradise for the spoken word nerd), a turntable, a microphone and in came the MC's: BNC (Jeff Gonzalez), Elephant Phinix followed by The Kidd and legendary Greek MC Taki Tsan to add a personal spirit to his music! Other collaborations on the album include vocalist & keyboardist Serotone of Duke Abduction, guitarist Kill Emil of Cinecod, human beat box Bitman, mythical punk rocker Stink, producer Strider and keyboardist Yiannis Dimitriadis of the Happy Dog Project. The beats were created by chopping a vast collection of sounds and music from vinyl and other external sources such as a Casio 20 euro keyboard, sirens and music toys. Detail is incorporated by cutting, scratching and mixing excerpts from live shows, spoken word, comedy, horror and cartoons. The result is an album with the philosophy of a mixtape which will blow your mind! QUOTES: Excellent,thumbs up all the way! Crack a lackin chicken freshnesss! Jstar This is really great! I will be supporting on my show & in the clubs. Nightmares On Wax RAP THRILLS is dope!Jon Kennedy Digging the tunes, keep up the great work! Freddie Cruger aka Red Astaire Wicked..! Quality hip hop lovin what u guys are doing right now!! Dom Servini (Wah Wah 45s, Shook)