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Larry Gus - Stitches
CD Album
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Larry Gus



Released: 15th February 2010 | 35 track alternative rap/hip-hop album
Larry Gus comes from Veria, Greece and is currently living in Barcelona. An aspiring non-musician who accomodates manner and skills both as a producer and live performer. Larry Gus writes songs and jingles for tv-ads at his home studio, using samples and/or acoustic instruments. Stitches is a D.I.Y. masterpiece, made in his bedroom using a portable turntable and a Roland sampler. Larry Gus manages to record everything, cut and stitch his material in real time, without computers or software involved. Larry Gus uses samples of records, music toys, rhythm boxes, Vhs tapes, Computer games, guitars, vocals and Library lps in an endlessly creative way bringing out a distinctive sound in anything that his music expresses. This is a far-out project from an artist who is constantly evolving. A hip hop- inflicted madness where beats and samples are heavily abused. Larry Gus is the perfect example of an artist busting up genres and categories.