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Chicago Afrobeat Project - (A) Move To Silent Unrest
CD Album
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Chicago Afrobeat Project

(A) Move To Silent Unrest


Released: 3rd November 2008 | 7 track pop album
Afrobeat cannot stand still. As the genre's tempting sounds continue resurgence across the globe, Chicago Afrobeat Project (CAbP) remains true to its original vision of breathing the intensity of Chicago's rich music scene into the infectious sounds of afrobeat. Rather than become caricatures of the genre, CAbP slips a reverent nod to the tradition while delivering an energized originality different from any other band on the afrobeat scene today. On (A) Move Into Silent Unrest, proficient soloists lead the band on uncharted musical journeys while the music's inherent orchestrated twists take listeners on a musical trip from the Windy City to Lagos with a stop in Havana along the way. Echoes of hip-hop and Chicago house music found in the group's debut self titled album (2005) can also be heard in the new album on tracks such as Superstar Pt. 7 and Carcass. On the Latin-influenced Chupacabra, CAbP demonstrate what afrobeat might sound like if recorded in Cuba. Rounding out the album's highlights, special guest appearances by vocalist Ugochi on the controversial Media Man shows the group's agility to dip into R&B, while jazz guitar great Bobby Broom guest appearance on the heavyhitting Cloister adds both warmth and plenty of chops to the tune. CAbP was nominated as Best African Artist in the Chicago Music Awards (CMA) in 2004 and 2005, and was nominated for the CMA's Award of Honor for Contribution to World Beat Music in 2006. CAbP features many notable Chicago guest musicians such as Howard Levy of Bela Fleck fame, Fareed Haque of Garaj Mahal, seven-time Grammy-winner Paul Wertico, Bobby Broom, Jeff Parker of Tortoise, and more.