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Nicole Jane - Is It Me

Nicole Jane

Is It Me

Carreira Records

Released: 23rd November 2009 | 4 track contemporary r&b single
'Is It Me' is receiving radio airplay on BBC 1Xtra, Kiss, Choice, Galaxy FM and many other stations. Receiving DJ support from BBC's Trevor Nelson, Ronnie Herel, Ras Kwame, Huw Stephens, as well as leading tastemakers including the legendary Steve Sutherland, The Firin Squad and DJ Swerve and others. I listen to 'Is It Me' and all I can do is smile, Trevor Nelson, MTV and Radio One 'Is It Me' is getting the biggest response in clubs by MILES. A message to other R&B groups: STEP UP! Ras Kwame, BBC Radio One and 1Xtra A beautiful track. Simply beautiful, DJ Swerve, Kiss FM 'Is It Me' is the UK debut single from highly sought after trio, Nicole Jane. The brothers, who won 'Best Unsigned UK Talent' and have toured all across Europe as well as supporting Timbaland, Lemar and Lily Allen finally release their debut single on the 23 November 2009. While comparisons with JLS are inevitable, Nicole Jane are comfortable in their own lane where they write and produce their own material. A bidding war from record and publishing companies has already ensued for Nicole Jane's signature but the group are determined to make the biggest noise while still being independent. To support the release, a full blown PR and radio plugging campaign has taken place and Nicole Jane will be on a nationwide tour to support the release courtesy of Mission Control.