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graham mushnik - A Distant Wildlife
Vinyl LP
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graham mushnik

A Distant Wildlife


Released: 19th May 2008 | 8 track electro-funk album
Graham Mushnik was born in 1985 in a family of musicians and soon decided to learn how to play the piano, as his love for music was becoming more and more obsessional. Also known as Teen Axel, he plays in the Slow Slushy Boys and the B-Soul Allstars, and has recorded with his dad as Benny Gordini & the Teen Axel Soul Arkestra. In 2003, he formed two new bands, Guess What and Helium & Eggs (Catapulte Records), and began his solo project as Graham Mushnik. Through psychedelic duvets and danceable biff-bang-pow cavalcades, Graham's second issue, A Distant Wildlife, sounds like a mix of raw funk loops, soulful themes, old-school hip-hop flavours and spooky 60's soundtracks. A zoological journey for all body language lovers. A fine album of downtempo grooves (on one side anyway) from Graham Mushnik. Full of diverse influences, French jazzy touches, Hammond funk and spacy excellence all the way. The other side is a bit more uptempo, funky without being too obvious at all.- Phonica London