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Orchestre du Montplaisant - Orchestre du Montplaisant
Vinyl LP
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Orchestre du Montplaisant

Orchestre du Montplaisant


Released: 26th December 2011 | 13 track worldbeat album

Formed at the beginning of 2010 in London, Orchestre du Montplaisant is Catapulte Records' newest project. Graham Mushnik and Luke Warmcop (Guess What), Juste Voyant and Andrea Pirovano (Pissinboy) all joined forces to elaborate this eponymous LP where the fresh sounds of cumbia, afro-cuban grooves and eastern tempos meet with the band's personal songwriting. Three quarters of this full-length vinyl are purely instrumental, might it be for a dancy tune or for a moody cinematic moment. The remaining quarter, sung in Italian, connects this soulful jungle of sounds to a more European field, almost baroque. An eclectic, yet consistent first album for any world-beat aficionado!