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Guess What - Al Khawarizmi
Vinyl LP
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Guess What

Al Khawarizmi


Released: 20th April 2015 | 10 track middle east album

Cosmo-Psychedelico-Mystery duo Guess What return with their 3rd album! After Yuri Gagarin and the imaginary Giallo films, it's now about Al-Khawarizmi, an astronomer from the 8th Century who invented Algebra and studied the Solar system.

The London/France-based duet explored Middle-Eastern harmonies and rhythms, staying true to their love for 60's and 70's grooves, yet introducing a new, more modern touch with a parcimonious use of drum sequences, samples and various synthesizers.

From the heavy belly-dancy beats of the title track Al-Khawarizmi to the fragile sounds of the trumpet-melodica lead in Sun and Moon, Guess What are drawing the musical portrait of a man who lived a distant and fascinating era. Not only did they take inspiration from strict Arabic Folk and Pop, but also from Persian, Indo-Pakistani, North-African heritages, which somehow all link to the history and culture that result from Al-Khawarizmi's time.

As well as being broadly played by DJ's across Europe (Spain, Portugal, Germany, Belgium), Guess What have an active live career, they have performed in almost every European country their explosive set wearing masks and turbans…