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Troubled Soul - Funky Me
7" Vinyl

Troubled Soul

Funky Me

Crowbar Records

Released: 23rd March 2015 | 2 track classic r&b single

For the first release from Crowbar Records we are proud to bring you a true exclusive - a previously unheard mess of scratchy 60's funk from California. The two part track has been taken from a lone double sided 8 inch acetate cut at Hollywoods Gold Star studios that, judging by the style of the song, was recorded in the late 60's. The song was never published and thus we are certain that it didn't reach the pressing stage - the acetate likely ring the only surviving document of Troubled Soul's perhaps only recording venture. The fragile disc had survived well in the hands of a British record dealer since he found it - now remastered, it is ready for the broadcast it never got. About the singer and his band we know absolutely nothing (there were no other details available on the label save the artists and title), except that they were likely local to Los Angeles, it sounds like they may have been somewhat intoxicated that day and that their raw, delightfully amateur romp deserves the outing it never received back then.