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J.T Allen - Freeway Crowd
7" Vinyl

J.T Allen

Freeway Crowd

Crowbar Records

Released: 23rd March 2015 | 2 track funk single

Belting double sider from atlanta, georgia. Freeway crowd should please any raw funk aficionado, kicking things off with a cracking break for all the hip hop heads. Super rare, and fetching over £400 for an original copy we felt this gem of a record deserved to see the lime lite again. We were actually offered a large sum of money from a jealous collector who wanted to stop this incredible record being re-released. Sorry blubbs. Luckily money isn't everything to us and since the band originally cut the record to entertain, we thought we would be doing the band and of course you an injustice by not making this beauty available for release again nearly 30 years after it was originally recorded. So here it is fully licensed, remastered, and ready to go at a much more affordable price. Don't you believe in magic? Slow down.... Lets enjoy the ride Working Hard on the other hand is one of those hard edged funky mid-70s socio message dancefloor bombs that does it just right. Hugely in-demand on both soul and funk scenes. Very limited press.

Get yours before they are gone.