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Moresounds - Breath Control
12" Vinyl
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Breath Control

Cosmic Bridge Records

Released: 21st May 2012 | 4 track jungle/drum 'n' bass ep

Moresounds' first release for the Cosmic Bridge label - which also doubles up as his first vinyl release - is a cocktail of old and new flavours processed, re-arranged and output through analogue gear to produce an auditory delight in the finest champion sound tradition. The obvious primary influences are from Jamaican legends such as King Tubby, Scientist and Jammy whose mastery of the dark arts of dub have had a long-lasting effect on the French producer. Additional influences come from a more personal angle, as early memories and experiences of free parties in his homeland play a strong part in helping Moresounds ground his music in a spirit of fun that is always inclusive.

The four tracks on the EP were run through a mixing desk and stack of outboard, analogue effects to give a serious bounce to the riddims and life to the melodies. The result is quite simply irresistible. Managing to sidestep any potential attempt at calling his dub work pastiche, Moresounds delivers the real deal across four cuts. Weeda is pure digidub, as infectious and potentially addictive as the subject matter of its refrain. Analog Steak is what happens when hip hop gets bitten by the same zombies Scientist was trying to rid the world of and turns mutant in the process. The only known cure is a hefty dose of analogue synthesizers, Dr. Moresounds is at the controls and the dancefloor is the operating table. Shtrakstep is what Moresounds refers to as du ' Lourd Raggadelic*' lourd means heavy in French, and well that riddim kind of weighs a ton. No Coke closes the EP on a raggastep vibe. Yes we realise that's two slightly ridiculous genre names in one paragraph but when the music includes such a delirious mix of ragga and bass what can you do. Breath Control bridges the analogue and digital worlds effortlessly. Inspired by electronic music, jungle, dub and hip hop it's a musical melting pot rendered all the more potent by its honesty and simplicity. As some of our favourite video games from the 80s were fond of reminding us, Winners Don't Take Drugs - but that doesn't mean we can't all go on a trip together.

*Raggadelism is defined as a mix of ragga and psychedelic. It's a humble journey into mystical dub, a mix of ancestral and modern bass flavours partly inspired by a vinyl shop called 'Bidule' which Moresounds' parents ran in the 70s.