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Kromestar - Rhythm On My Mind / X Files
12" Vinyl
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Rhythm On My Mind / X Files

Cosmic Bridge Records

Released: 22nd July 2013 | 2 track dubstep single

Cosmic Bridge returns after nearly a year's hiatus with a brand new Kromestar release. Rhythm On My Mind / X files will be a full colour 10 vinyl (featuring hand drawn art by Meloncholy) and 2-track digital release, taking in the 140 and 87 bpm territories.

This release once again shows Kromestar's ability to morph into different worlds outside of his staple Dubstep sound. Continuously one-to-watch, this record once again proves Krome's versatility and ability to inject spirit into conceptual rhythmic structures with ease, creating something that doesn't go over the listener's head, whilst making it look almost too easy. This is why we love him!

Kromestar can also be heard pushing sample-based rap production via his Immortxlz Project alongside Jason X, and building his own imprint Nebula Music alongside his Team Starfleet cohorts into 2014.