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Graphs - Posthuman
12" Vinyl
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Cosmic Bridge Records

Released: 15th December 2014 | 4 track jungle/drum 'n' bass ep

The tenth release from Cosmic Bridge sees label head Om Unit add another exciting new artist to his expanding roster,

Providnece born Jason Taylor pka Graphs. Now based out of Boston, Massachusetts he is the first North American memeber

of a worldwide family that includes Kromestar and Boxcutter and has given us Moresounds, EAN and Danny Scrilla; who

after making their debuts for the label have gone on to make waves.

After the success of Cosmic Bridge's last release, the Om Unit currated Cosmology compilation, Om Unit was looking ahead

for new blood.... he says

I found Jason through listening to his Ground Mass material. (The burgeoning US label on which Graphs has graced

several compilations and ultimately released his debut Scylla EP) Graphs to me has this very focused approach, quite

singular and monotonal and definately in a sense quite bleak and minimalistic. With Posthuman he draws on that robotic

notion of the severed heart. He touches on the Grime and Footwork styles but maintaining this sense of originality

and putting it across in his own way, something which I admire in any artist.

Graphs feels right at home on Cosmic Bridge. On Posthuman he explores the furtive middle ground between UK Drum &

Bass and US Footwork. Cold and instrumental but with the potential to ignite, his label debut takes hyperkinetic drums,

stringently arranged breaks and darkside synths and develops jittery, tech-stepping, rhythmic patterns with close attention

to atmospheric and textural detail. In doing so he provides four tracks of menacing, twitchy Footwork with exceptional

potency and proper dread future shock that roll with fluid halfstep D&B and just a hint of old skool Photek. The shapeshifting

slow/fast electronic parameters of this record are informed by a noirish backdrop of cyber-surreal dream states and are

buoyed by brooding bass and subs that rattle your bones and incite the feet.

Jason explains

The theme of the album is the dilemma whereby technology allows us to be more than we are, but we often use that

power for shallow things. I grew up on drum and bass, and a lot of that music is infused with utopian/dystopian vision.

Particularly in names, either very positive or very dark and sinister. My concept here is: what if it was neither? What if

it was sort of empty, as if it went on without us or without our intervention? Like how Limbo is in the movie Inception:

an empty, crumbling heaven. Posthuman/posthumanism is typically a term that describes a utopian view of what comes

next for humanity after some technological singularity, described by thinkers like Ray Kurzweil. So I thought it would be

somewhat interesting to consider what if it was nothing? or what if the future didn't need us?.

Graphs - Posthuman EP is mastered by Beau Thomas at teneightseven, artwork is by Ground Mass label head Mark Kloud.

It is released by Cosmic Bridge Records on 15th Dec 2014 on 12 Vinyl and Download.

"Whilst most people whimper and hide at the mention of ‘North American dubstep artist’, the ever diligent Om Unit has probably waded through a epic miasma of EDM slurry to find this nugget of sanity. Graphs cuts deep and cuts urgently, his brand of militant DnB draws on Half Step, Footwork and a hint of Kuduro, with bass and rifflefire beats comingle insistently, but cloaked with a bleak machine ambience and cold spacial nothingness."
DJ Magazine
Addison Groove