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Assembly Line - Falling Back
12" Vinyl
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Assembly Line

Falling Back

Cardboard City Recordings

Released: 22nd June 2009 | 4 track ep
Assembly Line is the Australian production duo of one Nathan J, aka Jammy and Luke the Mellotron Middelberg. The pair have been separately carving Hip Hop beats from junkyard wax for over a decade. The duo's musical ethos come from the school of Hip-Hop production who's Latin motto reads Constructum must non utor idem eadem idem materia ut suum frater, which roughly translates to The builder must not use the same material as their brother. With this ethos in their hearts and minds the pair dig long and hard into their extensive record collection, looking for obscure and un-sampled pieces to sonically match with bangin' lo-fi drums and the odd recorded instrument. The E.P is a conveyer belt of beats and breaks, with vocal layers and dynamic string arrangements, all injection moulded into 4 killertracks. The lads describe their sound as ''Polish psych jumpoff or a downbeat cosmic carpet ride.