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Paper Plane Project - Pacific Connection

Paper Plane Project

Pacific Connection

cardboard city records

Released: 18th July 2011 | 13 track alternative rap/hip-hop album
Introducing the debut album from production duo 'Paper Plane Project' titled 'Pacific Connection'. Named by Rolling Stone Australia as a Top 10 Aussie artist to watch.

The two spent the last few years traveling the globe in search for musical inspiration and collaboration. Most of the album was made while jamming with some of New York's heavyweight soul merchants and recorded from their makeshift Brooklyn studio.

The album features the sweet soul vocals of Aloe Blacc, Raashan Ahmad from the group 'Crown City Rockers', singer Noelle Scaggs and Thiago Gim.

The album is a beautifully crafted blend of uplifting Hip Hop, Soul, Jazz, Funk, Disco and Brazilian influenced jams.