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Tom Encore - Broadband

Tom Encore


Concrete Cut

Released: 2nd December 2013 | 5 track house ep

After a year-long hiatus, Concrete Cut is back and better than ever with a monster of an EP from Warsaw's busiest bass warrior - Tom Encore. As always, Tom Encore pushes the envelope with Broadband, dipping his toes in mutant forms of dance music through UK garage, experimental beats, and noisy, London-tinged house.

The EP also features diverse remixes from three UK artists (a first for this Poland-centric label) reflecting Concrete Cut recent move of its HQ to London. Taking The Roach and Broadband through forward-thinking house, drum n bass, footwork, and leftfield bass are Deft (Project Mooncircle/Rwina), Kodiak (Numbers/Hot Haus), and Bambooman (Sonic Router Records).