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Kero One - Windmills Of The Soul Instrumentals
CD Album
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Kero One

Windmills Of The Soul Instrumentals

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Released: 3rd December 2007 | 13 track pop album
Often compared to the sounds of Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, and Common, Kero One is a full time deejay, producer, rapper/songwriter, and record label owner based in San Francisco. Kero got his start by releasing a 12'' called 'Check the Blueprints' in 2003 on his own imprint which was discovered by a Japanese label and sold over 10,000 copies in the first year. Eventually, his music would lead him to top underground hip hop sales charts, tour throughout Europe, Asia, and the US, as well as music collaborations with the likes of Aloe Blacc (Stones Throw), Grand Puba (Brand Nubian), Abstract Rude, Lanu and Ohmega Watts (Ubiquity Records/Tru-thoughts). By demand, Kero brings us the 'Windmills of the Soul Instrumentals' album with all vocals stripped and added bonus tracks 'Space Cadets' & 'Just Groovin'. The album features heavy usage of live instrumentation that Kero One plays himself such as bass guitar, Fender Rhodes keyboards & Moog synthesizers, as well as saxophones and guitar from jazz/funk session players. However, not only are there jazz/funk references on Windmills, there are also references to Brazilian styles such as on Windmills Beats and soul references on tracks such as 'In A Dream' which portrait some of the different styles of music that influence Kero.