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Tom Conrad & Andre Bonsor

Memories EP

Cosmic Elements

Released: 24th February 2014 | 2 track deep house ep

Cosmic Elements welcome Tom Conrad & Andre Bonsor to the label for the first time with 'Memories EP', two tracks of intelligently produced nu disco, supported by Rasmus Faber, Jask, Souldynamic, Van Bellen, BBC Radio, Harlem FM, YFM & Metro FM (South Africa) and countless other DJs and radio stations.

Opening track 'Black Glove' is a warming and infectious 80s soul inspired groove with lush chords and a rumbling sub bass, which builds throughout the track. The 'B' side 'Misunderstood' is a more complex affair with it's moody intro, dark and slightly melancholic bassline and haunting vocal for the first half of the track which then morphs into a really funky bass riff, squelchy keys, dreamy piano and very uplifting lead.

Tom Conrad & Andre Bonsor appear fresh from their latest release with Mr V & Miss Patty on Adaptation Music which kicked off what is likely to be a very busy 2014 for the duo. Further versatile projects with Seasons Recordings, Bonzai Music, DeepWit, Unknown Season and more are due for release over the next few months, to add to their already growing back catalogue of releases and remixes on various labels.

"I always love it when Tom & Andre come together in the studio, i know for sure the sound will be different, deep & very unique. Melodic music for the soul, great work"
YFM South Africa
"Solid work from Conrad and Bonsor as always. Classy tunes with my fav Black Glove. great work lads!"
Van Bellen
"Black Glove is great!"
BBC Radio
"Fantastic slice of Nu Disco guaranteed to cause a stir on the floor"
Spirit Of House
"Misunderstood' is this kinda track that every quality music lover will love. Superb production and full support in every set."
"Deep & smooth as I like it."
Bertrand Dupart
"Really nice deep vibe in Misunderstood! Love this.."
Dutchican Soul
"Cool nu-disco tracks! Black Glove is our fav"
"Misunderstood is certainly catching my ear great production can't wait to playlist!!"
RTE Pulse FM
"solid and quality production. intense music listening pleasure on both tracks..."