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Adrian Corker & Jack Wyllie - Adrian Corker Jack Wyllie
CD Album

Adrian Corker & Jack Wyllie

Adrian Corker Jack Wyllie

Chaoide Records

Released: 24th November 2017 | 7 track ambient album

With the electronics reminiscent in places of Jaap Vink and Elaine Radigue and with echoes of Jon Hassell or Arve Henriksen the new record captures seven key moments in an ongoing dialogue each named for the precise moment of recording: on Track 1, Wyllie's ornamented stylings meet a finely sculpted ocean of static. Track two juxtaposes two pictched saxophone loops on top of which spit saxophone notes echo out into pulsing oscillators. On track 3 deep gongs compliment fast, high microtonal loops of saxophone. Track 4 opens up into a clearer space in which the saxophone and oscillator are intwined in meditation. Track 5 witnesses the fierce buzzing of Corker's oscillators and an astonishing, mantra-like saxophone epilogue. On track 6 the instruments are exposed and effects reduced to a minimum whereas track 7 further submerges the instruments in deep layers of echo and distortion. Whether locked in urgent conversation or allowing their own sonorities to bleed into one another, here are two musicians in rare form.

Rolling Stone Germany
"Track included on Cd with magazine"
Gonzo Circus Belgium
"an involving masterpiece"
Felthat blogspot
"played 2 tracks"
Radio 1 Prague
"played 1 track"
Jazz Fm Something Else Jezz Nelson
"Rare lyricism"
Toscana news