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Rumah - Stutter / Murmur
12" Vinyl
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Stutter / Murmur


Released: 29th April 2013 | 4 track techno ep

Following the debut 12 from young blood Happa, fledging London label Church break into the year with their second official release from up and comer Rumah. Following his debut collaborative 12 on Nineteen89, the double A-side release exhibits a maturing of the producers sound and cements his allegiance to affront, dance floor ready Techno. Both tracks centre around infectious spoken word samples, mercilessly spliced for the benefit of Hughes' exceptionally powerful use of rhythm. 'Stutter' combines bouncy kicks with glitchy percussion, whilst 'Murmur' melds heavyweight grooves with mesmerising, dark acid bass lines and cutting snares.

Church founders Apes & Seb Wildblood's spin on 'Stutter' slows down the tempo into Deep House/Techno territory, with simmering reverbed stabs and atmospheric vocals, this re-imagined cut is tailor made to be used as a solid club tool. James Fox on the other hand provides a slinky interpretation of 'Murmur', Stretching out the samples taken from Rumah's originals and manipulating the evocative, soulful vocals he is best known for.

The release marks an integral step into the early foundations of the promising label, Rumah is showing himself as a definite one to watch. Early support for the release comes from; Bicep, Dark Sky, Ben Pearce, South London Ordnance and Paleman.