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DJ Rubato - Flashback

DJ Rubato


Ciatt Music

Released: 30th March 2015 | 4 track progressive/tribal house ep

DJ Rubato is a Korean DJ, remixer, producer & instructor. Starting from a young age, he has worked with and been exposed to a variety of music styles including K-Pop, Hip-hop, Soul, Funk, and House. His highly developed mixing technique is well-known for its exquisiteness and flexibility.

He has recently been focusing all of his energy on electronic music, which he's become fascinated with. He mainly plays Trance & Progressive music, and you can enjoy his world of music from the Rubato Night Podcast on iTunes.

In 2010, he released his first album Blessing Day, and made his debut as a producer. Since then, he has produced remixes of various Korean artists' music (such as Sister, F.Cuz, Planet Shiver, and Hologram Party), helping to further popularize electronic music. When playing at large events, he does his best to further develop and expand his DJing repertoire. He has recently played at various events such as the World DJ Festival and Global Gathering Korea to improve his skills.