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Darling Farah - Berline (EP)
12" Vinyl
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Darling Farah

Berline (EP)

Civil Music

Released: 4th October 2010 | 4 track techno ep

Darling Farah is like a shot of adrenalin, administered by his own mind to escape from the anaesthetised music scene of his home, the United Arab Emirates. Despite living in one of the most club baron countries in the world and a city that actually prohibits live music to be played in public, the talented eighteen year old has managed to master the art of production and there in spawn an underground scene all on his own.

Originally from Detroit, Farah was born into this world with techno already sewn into his DNA, something that despite his relocation, came to the forefront of his mind as early as sixteen. Now regarded as the leader of a new, curious underground scene that resists the lock-down of the the UAE's mainstream culture, Farah has truly positioned himself as the ultimate innovator.

Berline draws on a variation of musical styles to bring a sound totally of its own. The stripped down beat and subtle swing of minimal is given a fresh electro sensibility from the distorted chords and cut up vocals. Fused together with the sophistication of house and hints of dub. Remix package includes a futuristic acid rework from Funkineven and exceptional revisions from Dirty Bird's Christian Martin, Clara Moto, A Taut Line and Bzode, aswell as Farah's own Club rework.

"The funkineven mix is devastating. Slept on this one but gonna feature in all my sets for a while. THE FUTURE IS ACID!"
Untold, DJ
"Really enjoying the Funkineven remix."
Ben UFO, DJ Hessle/Rinse Fm
"Farah does have a great ear for the minimal vibe. Digging some of the mixes as well. Spinning tunes at the Playboy Mansion next week and this is definitely getting some play. Expect airplay as well."
Garth Trinidad, KCRW 89.9fm LA
"Man, Funkineven on acid.... he reminds me of the Belgian new beat scene back in the days. Anyway, the Funkineven is good but my favo is the Christian Martin remix."
Lefto, DJ
"This months Hottest Talent Bubblin Under - An electrifying not to mention mystifying musical uprising!"
"Love this, have been dropping the Funkineven remix every set."
LVIS1990, DJ
"Wow!… Great"
Bok Bok, Dj
"Holy shit, the Funkineven remix is fire!"
The Blessings, DJ
"I like the original and Funkineven, good 2am zoners."
Om Unit, DJ
"Love this! Christian Martin & Bzode remixes are my favourite, got my full support!"
Mumdance, DJ