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Darling Farah - Exxy (EP)
12" Vinyl
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Darling Farah

Exxy (EP)

Civil Music

Released: 20th June 2011 | 4 track techno ep

EXXY: The first extended player from Detroit born, Adu Dhabi based, Teenage One to Watch Darling Farah.

Four tracks of deep techno and future house with warmth and soul. Stripped down 5.a.m atmospherics, combine with distorted stabs, dub-like sub-bass and expertly cut vocals. EXXY is destined to make the floor move and propel its nineteen year old maker further into the spotlight. Originally from Detroit, Farah was born into this world with techno already sewn into his DNA. His later relocation to the U.A.E, which is one of the most club baron countries in the world and to a city that actually prohibits live music to be played in public, only further resolved the isolated Farah to embrace his musical heritage.

EXXY opens with the eponymous title track. Synths stab over the desert wind and sparse percussion builds as 'EXXY' begins to jack. 'Younger' is understated yet tribal & anthemic. As it throbs & pulses the breathy chopped R'n'B vocal hook reverberates with the narrative of Farah's own story. On the flip'Crown' shows a maturity implausible for his years, Detroit flavoured techno stealthily delivered. The EP finishes with the futurism of 'Show Me,' where emotive distorted chords mix with fragments of haunting vocal soul.

At sixteen Darling Farah was instrumental in developing an underground scene that resists the lockdown of the U.A.E's mainstream culture. Almost entirely cut off from western music, this new circle of producers had to rely on sharing music via the internet and performing at small secret house parties. Three years on Darling Farah is the living embodiment of an internet generation producer. Last October we glimpsed the first taste of Darling Farah in the shape of 12 'Berline', which was quickly followed by an appearance on the Truants Compilation alongside Brenmar amongst others. Darling Farah, born Kamau Baaqi is relocating again in September 2011, this time London beckons andaccess to so much of what he's has been missing. With more releases on the way and an album scheduled there seems to be no limit to what this precocious young producer is capable of.

"i really like 'Younger', looking forward to playing this!!"
2562, DJ
"Yes. Love this. I want to do a refix for Younger. Killer."
Ramadanman, DJ
"Very cool, been looking forward to this!"
Martin Clark/Blackdown, DJ/Rinse
"Digging this - an innovative take on traditional house ideas"
Tristan Parker, Clash Mag
"REVIEW 8.5/10 A lip wetting EP from this newcomer: warm techno with dubwise flourishes and a twist. Head for the probing spoken secrets of Younger. Mesmerising. One to watch. 8.5/10"
DJ Mag, DJ Mag
"Wow! can't believe this guy is only 19. Really feeling the dubbed out house vibe. Trippy vocal chops.. Sick in the club or in your phones. Props"
Nick Whittingham, Hyponik
"Really interesting artist and ep: Detroit/Chicago influences with a modern bass music attitude."
Antonio Di Gioia, DJ Mag Italy
"Digging Crown a lot; it grabs me way more than the more bass-music-style tracks here. Admittedly that might be a question of my own taste. But the deepness of the drums and vox on Crown is wonderful. Very satisfying track."
Philip Sherburne, the wire/ pitchfork/ beatportal/ spin