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Jon Convex - Losing Time / TX
12" Vinyl
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Jon Convex

Losing Time / TX

Civil Music

Released: 25th November 2013 | 4 track techno ep

Former Instra:mentalist Damon Kirkham expands his Jon Convex enterprise with his debut on Civil Music featuring two new original tracks alongside remixes from Civil Music signee Ore and frequent Convex collaborator, Exit Records main man & DnB legend dBridge.

In parallel with his former production partner Alex Green aka Boddika, Kirkham has successfully transposed his D&B palette into a slower template, finding his solo sound as Jon Convex somewhere between the stripped-down, electro-flavoured rhythms that powered the final Instra:mental album, Resolution 653 and muscular warehouse flavoured techno.

Constituting the first significant Jon Convex release since his acclaimed 'Idoru' LP last year, 'Losing Time/TX' further refines this hypnotic, powerful analog sound.

'Losing Time' opens; an electro strut formed from syncopated rhythms, ticking snares and analog bass creates frictionless momentum that hypnotises and keeps swinging as it tunnels under a wash of distorted mechanical abstractions and dislocated voices.

'TX' follows and ratchets up the intensity; throbbing techno rhythms to rival anything emanating from one of the continent's gargantuan main rooms. Snare claps and orgiastic samples combine with the insistent, heavy bass thumps to create a dizzyingly pounding groove. Techno music that sounds sensuous and danceable while still being harsh, heavy and filled with a level sci-fi dread befitting of a producer who takes his alias from dystopian thriller Videodrome.

Ore's remix of 'TX' is his first remix outing and the recent Civl Music debutant moves exquisitely through plaintive Basic Channel esque dub atmospherics before jacking machine rhythm and barely-tamed percussion emerge to create moments of heart in mouth tension and show further why he is one to watch. dBridge's revision of 'TX' is half-stepping 85bpm/170bpm and Autonomic influenced. Building hydraulic post-hardcore rhythmic swerves from the components elements he shows the timelessly influential qualities he can draw on in his productions.

"Oh, now this is hardddddddddd…"
"The dBridge remix steals the show here for me… Really original stuff!!"
2562, DJ
"I am totally feeling the Ore remix on this one… Support from me!"
Bok Bok, DJ
"YEP… Jon is right on the money with this one!! Big Up!"
Artwork, DJ
"This is a really strong first outing… 3.5/5"
Andrew Ryce, Resident Advisor
"WOWWW! Nice one Jon! Losing Time is a KILLER!!"
Scan Mode, DJ Mag (Italy)
"Reviewed - 7/10"
Jami Bassols, Clubbing Spain
"Loving these guys… The dBridge mix is SICK!! Loving the original of TX too ?"
Appleblim, DJ
"LOVE IT ALL!!! BIG!! Love the vibe on this release…"
Brodinski, DJ
"Cool tunes that are different to the usual big room techno tracks. Nice! dBridge mix is my fav"
Norman Nodge, DJ