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Dylan Stark - Heartland
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Dylan Stark


Civil Music

Released: 13th April 2015 | 8 track house album

Introducing Dylan Stark. 2015's most deserving anti-hero. His quiet rebellion starts here.

Tropical, celebratory and alive, Heartland sounds a like Parade and a Jungle. It has the can't quite put your finger on it, coming of age pureness of Grimes; and the raw emotion of a Burial record (but in a joyous way). It's PC Music plus Animal Collective.

Heartland is an album about the evocative power of music, created over four years from thousands of samples that 24 year old Portland, Oregon resident Dylan Stark brings to life as if conducting an orchestra. There is an emotional awakening that imbues the album with a joyous aesthetic that seems neither forced nor self-aware, but beautifully ingenuous.

In a world where the development of countless want-to-be producers is immediately uploaded with the need for instant evaluation and affirmation, Dylan's quiet patience and confidence has allowed him to create an exceptionally mature debut that is emotional and powerful enough that it doesn't require any explanation or personality to be attached.

Unashamedly American, Heartland is brimming with sensation, emotion and spontaneity. This is celebration music.

"One to Watch 2015, Dazzlingly intricate, like Burial without the bleakness. Blissful, epic electronica!"
DJ Magazine
"Entrancing Dance Music... Nocturnal rave vibes and subtle sonic ecstasy"
"One To Watch Rich, resonant, euphoric and super teaming with life!"
The Guardian
"Massive. Highly emotional dance music"
Gorilla Vs Bear
"Eclectic, tripped out tropical vibes. Listen Up!"
Cool Hunting
"A master of simulation, and when it comes to sampling, a visionary of Coppola-sized proportions"
"Epic. Heartland arrives gloriously, fully formed out of seemingly nowhere. Technicolour vistas in glorious widescreen"