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Lost Idol - Firmly Rooted
12" Vinyl
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Lost Idol

Firmly Rooted


Released: 24th July 2006 | 4 track downtempo ep
'Firmly Rooted' initially appeared on the first ever Cookshop release, the Taster 1 EP, to great acclaim so we felt it only right to re-issue a newly tweaked and remastered version along with remixes from the mighty Hint of Ninja Tune/Tru Thoughts renounce and Norway's fast rising beats embassador Implosion Quintet. For those unfamiliar, Firmly Rooted is an epic slice of pure late night cinematic beauty laden with live double bass, haunting horns and some stunning trumpet work care of Quentin Collins (Basement Jaxx/Omar). A truly melancholy piece of modern psychedelic jazz. Also featured on the B side is a brand new Lost Idol cut entitled We Can Find Love, giving a brief glimpse of things to come on his debut album Utters From A Cluttered Mind. Hip hop beats, eerie rhodes and achingly beautiful piano loops are the order of the day on this one. Taking things in the dancefloor's direction our remixer Hint lays down a super laidback groove with funked up bass and guitar taking his now trademark futureboogie sound one step further, whilst Implosion Quintet boggles belief with a bastard samba shuffle-style remix that just grows and grows, watch the bass on this one! Boca 45: - grade production again from Cookshop who are most certainly on the up! Strictly Kev (Ninja Tune): - '.. especially love the epic Implosion Quintet remix - very lush.' Dr Rubberfunk: - '..., the dancefloor is guaranteed a wild ride!'
"???..samba beats and fat, fat bass. Ben Smith (Big Chill + TTDJ Singles Review)"
Big Chill
"The latest missive from Brighton?s ever improving Cookshop label sees boss man James Dean lay down some atmospheric jazz beats a la Cinematic Orchestra?. snappy beats and smoky jazz instrumentation. 3/5"
Matt Annis, IDJ
"A re-issue of Cookshop?s first (and probably finest) opus, this time coming replete with an afro Cuban tinged remix of Firmly Rooted courtesy of Hint. A surprise hitter of Quantic styled proportions. 3.5/5"
Found Sounds, DJ Mag
"Lost Idol is the brainchild of Brighton-based musician, DJ and producer James Dean and Utters from a Cluttered Mind, his debut album, gets its release via Cookshop, the imprint he co-founded in 2002. This is an LP of rebelliously complex records. Moseying around broken rhythms and some pretty emotionally charged melodies as it does, it is reminiscent of the atmospheric twinklings of the Cinematic Orchestra in places, and the mind-bending scuzzy sounds of Four Tet in others. Strange but beautiful. SC"
"Not sure whether it's the sea air or something else, but record labels and producers in Brighton seem to have a knack for turning in memorable dancefloor funk of almost cinematic proportions. Top-notch EP. 5/5"
Darren Wall, Update