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Jonathan Krisp - 52nd Street
12" Vinyl
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Jonathan Krisp

52nd Street


Released: 2nd April 2007 | 4 track downtempo ep
In anticipation of his forthcoming debut long player for Cookshop, we’re proud to present a new EP from Jonathan Krisp. Perhaps known best for his Scalextrick 7â€, which was caressed affectionately by the likes of Chris Coco (Radio 1), Nick Luscombe (Flo-motion) DK (Solid Steel) and others, Jon’s music manages to be refreshingly unique and interesting with a good sense of humour too. On the A-side “52nd Street†drags a very cheeky and deliriously catchy vocal sample kicking and screaming in the dancefloor’s direction with drum n’ bass breaks, hoovering basslines and some electro-synth tomfoolery to boot resulting in a totally unconventional yet insanely addictive shoe shuffler. And if that weren’t enough, the mighty Hexstatic (Ninja Tune) step up and throw down a stripped back but none less devastating remix full of twisted basslines and scatter-shot amen breaks. The B-side showcases a couple of tracks from the forthcoming Jonathan Krisp album. “No Horse, No Wife, No Moustache†bears an almost Italo-disco influence laden with lush pads, bubbling synth lines and some motivational exercising tips from a rather jovial English lady, jolly nice too. “Room Full Of Spies†is a more paranoid affair, skipping from Rhodes melodies to edgy guitar lines backed with a tight shuffling breakbeat resulting in a quite beautifully beguiling track.
"“More Cookshop goodness! I would expect nothing less”"
Mr Scruff
"Very good indeed! Commend Mr Krisp on another great EP"
Dr Rubberfunk
"Love 52nd Street, really catchy and fit for the dancefloor too! Will be playing this out for sure"
Strictly Kev, (Ninja Tune)
"Cool deep well produced space funk which I'll try out at the weekend"
Boca 45
"Brought a big grin to my face. Good fun...definitely up my street"
Hint, (Tru Thoughts)
"Manic d’n’b jazz anthem with Manhattan Transfer transformed into something much cooler. Great work"
Alan Gubby, Nanny Tango
"Fine stuff from the Krisp 'un....on permanent rotation"
Porky, Larkin’ Out
"Crunchy drum and bass meets Broadway in this latest offering from Brighton’s wilfully eclectic Cookshop imprint. Melding bizarre vocal chops to roughneck breaks, this will definitely find favour on the more adventurous floors. 4/5"
Shepdog, I-DJ magazine
"On a label made from genre hops and about-turns, Jonathan Krisp is Cookshop’s man with the knack. His previous 12”s, ‘Scalextrick’ and the ‘Tangible Gain’ EP, were quirky, yet refined and funky. The B-side here, the lovable, ditzy disco daydream ‘No Horse, No Wife, No Moustache’, repeats that balancing act. The main event though is a wily drum & bass corker, based on a well utilised, feelgood soul vocal and pyrotechnics on the kicks and EQs. It’s a calling card that Hospital or High Contrast fans should make a dash for, with Hexstatic remixing their own jungle-electro wobble for the jump-up crew. Krisp doing high-speed funk on ‘Room Full of Spies’ isn’t a bad look either."
Matt Oliver, One Week To Live