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Zoon Van Snook - Interviews & Interludes EP
12" Vinyl
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Zoon Van Snook

Interviews & Interludes EP


Released: 25th August 2008 | 4 track downtempo ep
Cookshop, acclaimed Brighton based label for all things electronic and experimental, are proud to present the debut EP from a new prodigious talent, the enigmatic Zoon Van Snook. After prostituting his keyboard wares to numerous bands in the South West, the summer of 2007 saw ZVS taking bold measures in stepping out alone. A passion for genre-spanning melody, field recordings, found sound and electronics combined with the utility of guerrilla techniques (encompassing household objects) has spat ZVS face first into the sphere of criticism in the creation of affably sinister sonic sketches and ambionic audio montage. The soft clicks and whirrs of 'Bibliophone' kicks things off, with lush pastoral melodies filling Snook's sonic canvass, bubbling away like subaquatic lava before a rolling storm cloud of drum and cymbal unloads itself for a tumultuous finish. 'That Just About Does It' follows on in a bright, sunny fashion with choppy breaks, jazz-flecked chords, and vocal snippets, but don't be lulled into a false sense of security, in typical Snook style the orator here is none other than acid-fried cultist Charles Manson. 'Troublesome Trucks' rocks gently, building into a beautiful, beguiling string-soaked epic showing an emotive balance to Snook's electronic trickery. Finally, fresh from remixing the much hyped Lykke Li, Texan producer Diego Chavez delivers a stunning rework of 'The Gloaming', transforming it into a pulsating, glitched up 4/4 number, perfect for the more experimental dancefloors across the land. At a time when electronica or, dare we say it, IDM is an increasingly dull, inhuman affair, Zoon Van Snook's music is like a gulp of fresh air, putting some much needed emotion, dynamic and humour back into the music. like a boyish Boards Of Canada, all shuffling glitches and twinkling electronic. there's a wonderful warmth and intelligence to this cerebral sonic collage that, within one short headphoned-stroll through rain soaked Bristol, had snuggled right into my brain and made itself a nest - Venue