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Lost Idol - Bone Idol EP
12" Vinyl
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Lost Idol

Bone Idol EP


Released: 1st January 2000 | 4 track downtempo ep
Following the highly acclaimed jazzed-out moodiness that was Firmly Rooted (available on the Cookshop Taster ep) comes the first full length Lost Idol release. DJ and producer lost Idol (aka James Dean) has now had several releases under various guises. As lost Idol he has released his music on his and label partner La Femme's Cookshop imprint and Hull-based cult label Pork Recordings. As one half of dub collective F.I.T.S. he released a single on the Session label featuring a remix from the Idjut Boys. And, as part of electronica experimentalists J-Spool, he has recently completed an album for Italy-based label Nature (original home to Jolly Music). Bone idle? We think's not! Defining the lost Idol style is near impossible. As this ep demonstrates, it's all about diversity. From the off-kilter breaks of Spilt Fizz (featuring some cosmic soul vocals courtesy of Asher) through to the spacious melancholic feel of Lament, music for narrow minds this ain't. As we believe here at Cookshop, why just cook with a red pepper when you can use green, orange and yellow ones too?'