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Digital Midgets - We Always Have Been
12" Vinyl
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Digital Midgets

We Always Have Been


Released: 1st January 2000 | 4 track downtempo ep
We're proud to introduce a debut excursion from Brighton-based bringer of beats Digital Midgets (or Alex Wilford as his mum prefers). This intriguing character has been a busy producer on the local scene for quite some time, releasing several tracks on the environmentally sound Grow Your Own label. His music is very much on a lush melodic tip, however still keeps one eye on the dancefloor. Just check the pads and vocals on Vunderbar and the tuff beats on Syntonic to see what we mean. Topped off with a cherry of a remix in true off-kilter Lost Idol style this EP is guaranteed to satisfy those looking for some good armchair musical fodder. ...Digital Midget's debut is surprisingly lush and restrained as clattering hard beats echo off veils of thick reedy strings, creating a rushing undercurrent to gently float over. Too insightful to throw yourself around to, but has the hooks to pull you out of your seat. (The Source, Brighton's best regular music guide)'