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Implosion Quintet - The Future Sound Of Yesterday

Implosion Quintet

The Future Sound Of Yesterday


Released: 6th July 2009 | 13 track downtempo single
Implosion Quintet is a visionary multi-instrumentalist James Baker, a British musician now residing in Norway. IQ started back in 2001 as a lo-tech hip-hop hybrid mashed together using a primitive Playstation music program. Despite such humble beginnings, the Cookshop label saw much promise in these early creations and formed a long term relationship with James which has ultimately produced this long-player debut. Whilst an undercurrent of bohemian Eastern Europe runs beneath the breadth of the album, IQ explore a dizzying number of different avenues along the way, one minute knee deep in 70's stoner-sludge rock, the next basking in shimmering electronic glitchiness. The result is the kind of joyous psychedelic, bastardized tango record a label like Finders Keepers or Trunk might dig up in a few decades from now. Weird, wonderful & way out there. UK SHOPS PRESALE DEAL: 3+1 Confirmed reviews in: Clash Magazine Lodown Magazine Vice Magazine Music Week