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Lost Idol - In Time & Space EP
CD Album
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Lost Idol

In Time & Space EP


Released: 14th February 2011 | 4 track ambient ep
2010 was a productive year for Lost Idol, the alter-ego of producer/DJ/label-owner James Dean. He released his second album, 'Brave The Elements', to great acclaim, deftly crafting a record of electronic-based music that sparkled with invention & reflected influences across the board from krautrock to dubstep to psychedelia & beyond. This led to live shows alongside esteemed artists such as Caribou, Fujiya & Miyagi, Pantha Du Prince & Dextro. His first new work for 2011, entitled 'In Time & Space', was written specifically for a Lost Idol performance at London's beautiful Union Chapel; due to the huge space & reverberating acoustics within the building, James put together a new set which by & large ditched the drums & instead focused on building many different layers of sound & textures using a variety of analogue synths, treated guitars & looped vocals creating something all-absorbing & spatial. The result is one extensive piece with four distinct sections that ebb & flow, crescendo & fade, pulling the listener into an immersive soundscape that aptly reflects the mystique & majesty of the space for which it was designed. It's a truly absorbing listen & once again shows Lost Idol to be constantly progressing, this time pushing his sound towards the realms of ambient, kosmiche musik & beyond.
"Lost Idol successfully blurs the distinction between organics & synthetics"
"the melancholic streak that runs through his music reveals much of himself"
"strange but beautiful"