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Lost Idol - Live Session, May 2007

Lost Idol

Live Session, May 2007


Released: 29th October 2007 | 5 track downtempo ep
Lost Idol has an intuitive knowledge of the alchemical formulae that produce potent 21st-century psychedelia Mojo Following the debut critically acclaimed album by Lost Idol, Utters From A Cluttered Mind, comes this exclusive recording of Lost Idol live in session available as download only. Lost Idol's debut effort received much praise (including glowing reviews in Mojo, Q, Clash and Notion) for it's unique downtempo psychedelic sound, pitching camp somewhere between the beats/atmospherics of Four Tet/DJ Shadow and the vocals of Beck/Beta Band. This live session takes things one step further as Lost Idol reworks his music utilizing live guitar, bass, synths, fx and vocals along with a trusty laptop to expand on the beauty and experimentalism of his recorded work. This live session isn't merely a regurgitation, but illustrates an artist who's just as able experimenting in a live situation as he is in a studio setting.