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Mott the Hoople - Live 2013

Mott the Hoople

Live 2013

Concert Live Ltd

Released: 16th June 2014 | 20 track classic rock album

This is a live recording of legendary classic rock outfit, Mott The Hoople, performing at the sold out Manchester Apollo on the 17.11.2013.

The band's first live album since 2009 and possibly the last, featuring 20 tracks from Mott The Hoople's extensive archive of albums, including classics like All the Young Dudes, Roll Away the Stone and All the Way from Memphis.

This recording perfectly captures many spectacular moments from the night and Mott in all their glory.

"It was a brilliant reunion tour, great to have Mott back together, even if it was for such a short time. We wanted to be sure our fans had something special to add to their collection, as each of us continue in the future with separate projects."
Ian Hunter, Frontman
"It's been 5 years since the 40th Anniversary reunion shows, so it was great to be playing together again. We wanted to give fans something special to remember Mott by."
Mick Ralphs, Guitarist
"It was great to get together again with the boys for our November 2013 reunion tour, though it all passed by too quickly."
Verden Allen, Organist
"A special thanks to all our fans who've stuck with us down the years and turned out to support us in their droves. They spurred us on like the old days. I think the DVD/CDs came out brilliantly against all odds and I take my hat off to Concert Live."
Overend Watts, Bassist