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Brothel Creeper

Clandestine Cultivations

Released: 1st October 2008 | 3 track dubstep ep
Collecting three of his finest productions for Clandestine Cultivations. We've long been aware of the man's burgeoning talent so it's wicked to see some recognition on wax with some stone cold classics given a proper heavyweight pressing. Sidestepping any populist tropes, 'Brothel Creeper' is a pure heads tune for fans of Burial, El-B or Zed Bias with dark garage breaks pivoting sharply around deep set subbass providing the rhythmic chassis, with slashes into various darkside rave signals balanced by dubtech chords and a pervasively uneasy atmosphere made for late night listening. It's a LOT. 'Targets' lightens the mood with a killer garage mover skipping like the melancholy offspring of Steve Gurley and Kode 9, before 'Cold Brew' shuts the lights again with a tech-stepping garage flex that's in a league of it's own. If you like your dubstep to be dark, sensual, and rhythmically irresistible get on this 12 soon as. Highly Recommended!