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Busdriver & Olive Oil - Skipping on the Sea

Busdriver & Olive Oil

Skipping on the Sea


Released: 27th September 2015 | 2 track underground rap/hip-hop single

Skipping on the Sea is the first release off of Tokyo/Kyoto-based label, Twin Capital. It is the first in a series of releases for their L.A. x Asia collaborative project.

Twin Capital profile:
Twin Capital is a Tokyo/Kyoto-based record label started by two musicians who met as kids in the US and reunited decades later in Japan. The two started producing music with artists they both met while growing up on different sides of the world. Twin Capital was born shorty after.

Busdriver profile:
Busdriver is the 12 story tall black monolith at the corner of Crenshaw and Wilshire. He is simply an immovable imposing landmark welded onto the steely hide of the LA music landscape. As an artist, Driver is an uncompromising cipher in the rap world, re-purposing its conventions under a free form jazz poet's guise.

Olive Oil profile:
Olive Oil (producer/DJ) and his brother Popy Oil (visual artist/VJ) started a label called Oilworks in 2002. Based in Kyushu Japan, They've been putting out vinyl, CD, apparel, books. They've been spreading the Oilworks style all over the world with their tours and satellite shops

DJ, Remixer, and Producer Olive Oil hails from Tokunoshima in the Amami Islands, where his feel for music was nurtured by the area's vibrant natural surroundings, and a privileged musical environment influenced by his father. He now makes his home in Fukuoka. Jazz and soul samples are the backbone of his sound, enhanced by sharp editing and superbly constructed beats. A pivotal figure in the Japanese beat music scene.

He also works under the names Soloal One and El Nino, and has released a variety of work through both domestic and international labels. He has collaborated with Japanese rappers such as Tamaki Roy and MC Freez, and has toured extensively on his own both in Japan and overseas. The single Pianity, from his 2008 second album Spring Break, earned high praise from renowned British DJ Gilles Peterson. The single was put in heavy rotation on Peterson's iconic BBC1 radio show, and went on to garner worldwide critical acclaim.