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Various Artists - Toast

Various Artists



Released: 20th February 2016 | 3 track unusual album

Toast is the second official release from Tokyo / Kyoto based label, Twin Capital. This follow up to Skipping on the Sea with Busdriver + Olive Oil features MCs and producers from Taiwan, Japan and Los Angeles, including Aristophanes (Grimes), Nobody (Low End Theory), Eureka the Butcher (The Mars Volta), Gebo, Afra, and Hamacide,

Twin Capital profile:
Twin Capital is a Tokyo/Kyoto-based record label started by two musicians who met as kids in the US and reunited decades later in Japan. The two started producing music with artists they both met while growing up on different sides of the world. Twin Capital was born shorty after.

Aristophanes profile:
Aristophanes is an MC and producer from Taiwan. Her background teaching creative writing comes through in her experimental style that focuses on her wide range of vocal textures. Aristophanes has toured with Grimes and is also featured on the song Scream off of Grimes' Art Angels album. She is gearing up for a lot of show in the US this summer.

Big Game Huntaz profile:
Big Game Huntaz are Nobody (Low End Theory) and Eureka The Butcher (Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez of The Mars Volta).

Nobody (Elvin Estela), has been a fixture in the Los Angeles music scene since the early 1990s, first as a producer for many of the premier emcees at the Good Life Cafe/Project Blowed, and then as a remixer, producer, and important member of the global electronic and indie-rock communities such as Low End Theory. He has worked with, remixed and toured in support of the Postal Service, Prefuse 73, The Mars Volta, Aceyalone, Mia Doi Todd, and many others. His releases for Ubiquity and Plug Research have garnered him not only critical praise, but the clout to define and redefine his sound as he sees fit. His productions effortlessly flow from the hip-hop themes of his early career to the psychedelia and rock motifs of his most recent work, and his vast musical vocabulary allows him to deliver with each and every mix.

Eureka the Butcher, AKA Marcel Rodríguez-López, is a multi-instrumentalist and producer. He is best known as the keyboardist and percussionist of The Mars Volta and the drummer, producer & engineer for Zechs Marquise.

OYG profile:
OYG is a multi-national MC based in Tokyo. His imaginative bi-coastal stories are woven together utilizing his mastery of both English and Japanese. During his time in Los Angles, he met and started working with Budamunk and JoeStyles in Keentokers. Upon his return to Japan, he was introduced to MONJU, S.l.a.c.k., and the Down North Camp.

Afra profile:
Afra, is a beatboxer and MC from the Osaka metropolitan area. He formed the beatboxing band Afra & Incredible Beatbox Band in 2005 with Kei and K-Moon. He had a guest appearance alongside Kōichi Yamadera in the eighth episode of the anime Samurai Champloo as the voice of the beatboxing Shinpachi. Afra has also appeared in the films Scratch and Breath Control.

2003: Always Fresh Rhythm Attack
2004: Digital Breath (with Prefuse 73)
2006: I.B.B. (as Afra & Incredible Beatbox Band)
2009: Heart Beat

Gebo profile:
Osaka-based rapper and producer that has been active since 1993. GEBO is the founder of SUPPON Records and has collaborated with the likes of Afra and DJ NAO-K. GEBO frequently performs in Los Angeles alongside hip hop heavyweights MYKA9, and SELF JUPITER as well as Alpha Pup artists, Acid Reign.

Hamacide profile:
Hamacide is a Tokyo-based Japanese-American producer who's output is as eclectic as his musical journey. Born in raised in Atlanta, Hamacide grew up listening to and playing classical music. While in Atlanta, he became a sound engineer for a multitude of Dirty South hip-hop videos, but after moving to New York City in 2002, found himself working as an audio engineer for Broadway and off-Broadway theater. From there he had a three-year stint in Shanghai, China where he met ChaCha and Downstate (his partner in a collaborative project called S L V).

Hamacide has put out a number of albums and several remixes along the way, starting with LEYODE's fascinating tininess… on Prefuse 73's Eastern Development Music in 2007. Since then, he's released on Shanghai's SVBKVLT label as one half of S L V, and on Japan's Oilworks and Blacksmoker Records to name just a few. Hamacide also recently finished a Tower Records Japan exclusive remix for Kishi Bashi's Lighght album (Victor Japan).