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Mystery & Matt Early - Turn Around 2009 (Part 2)

Mystery & Matt Early

Turn Around 2009 (Part 2)

Coffee n Creme

Released: 8th June 2009 | 4 track house single
One of the most beatiful pieces of music I've heard in a long time. Love the Album Edit and the Sunset Mix ;-) - Stonebridge House mix for me....liking the house reprise too. Cj Mackintosh Excellent track very well produced, I am loving the vocals.. Two thumbs up.. - Frankie Estevez Nice release! Liking the lot!! - Richard Earnshaw I like this jam right here. the extended mix is something that i know i can play to set the mood for the night. dope male vocals and a lovely melody makes this a beautiful piece of music. - Jihad Muhammad OMG.... this is sooooooo nice.. i'm loving it... this will have a special place in my box. please send me more of this :) - Miles Numan (Map Dance) Voice here is absolutely touching – I like the timbre and manner very much, and Afro mix is wonderful, will play a lot in the show. 10/10 - Bogdan Tarran (Dancebox / Latvia) This is very nice nice selection of mixies to choose from - Dj Pope Love the Extended and House mix. Great song and production. - Hippie Torrales Afro Latin reprise is a great tool... I love the production and playing throughout. Spring vibes, all good guys! - Domu (Trebleo / Papa) Now were talking !! Jazzy / Soulful house, excellent vocal, the orig on the broken tip, the house mix and the summery latin mix all do the biz for me, great vocal !! - Marky Mark (Dancetrax) I love and play the House and the Afro latin mix. . . Sounds great. - Dario D'Attis (Switzerland) I like the house mix!!! Will bang this out - Luis Radio Afro Latin mix for me :-) - Pablo martinez We love the house mix - Quality all the way! Full support from Soulmagic! - Morten trust Afro & House mixes are lovely for the summer - Aaron Dae All mixes are well put together and sound great. - Oli Lazarus (papa recs)