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Wet Cookies - Soul Protection
CD Album
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Wet Cookies

Soul Protection

Cat N Roof

Released: 13th July 2009 | 13 track funk album
Soul meets Jazz meets Dub - Wet Cookies take a different route with their new vocal album Soul Protection. This time producers and bandleaders Axel Hirn (half of Noiseshaper, and also engineer for the latest Adrian Sherwood's On-U Sound productions) & Bjoern Klein cup their hands around Soul music. With the support of top class singers they develop a new sound, that spans from dub infected jazz ballads to catchy dancefloor stompers and if anything could be described as Nu-Soul. You will hear established vocalists such as Rocksteady legend Ken Boothe, Hubert Tubbs (of Tower of Power), Betty Semper (Mum/Klein Records a.o.) and Rufina Frontin aswell as brilliant newcomers like Abisara or Ola Egbowon. Most tracks are original compositions and are served alongside two dub versions, a cover version of Cameo's 80's chart hit Word Up, and the remix for Norwegian hipsters Flunk 'Personal Stereo'. The singers are carried by the sound of an extensive jazz ensemble paired with a legion of electronics, with the latter rarely pushing to the foreground but rather gelling everything together. There is no place for trivial assembly line music - everything is homemade, from acoustic double bass recordings up to the sophisticated sound effects.