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Neil Landstrumm - Acid House James May E.P.

Neil Landstrumm

Acid House James May E.P.

Combat Recordings

Released: 16th October 2009 | 4 track dubstep ep
COMBAT022 sees a collaboration between techno legends Neil Landstrumm, Tobias Schmidt and the electronic instigator Ebola from Brighton's notorious Wrong Music crew. All 4 tracks explore the mutant no-man's land between electro, bass-tech, grime, techno, dubstep and glitchy electronics. The first 2 tracks see Landstrumm fusing his beefy, warm analogue dread bass and scorched dubsirens with Ebola's crisp, surgically precise electronica edits, to give a growling mutant half-stepper that's built to smash down buildings and flatten cities. Distant Chris Clark-eque keys flutter in and out of focus, giving a surreal, oddly contemplative perspective to the mass destruction caused. Tracks 3 and 4, meanwhile, feature Sugar Experiment Station (a Landstrumm and Tobias Schmidt collaboration) which run deep and minimal (hate using that word these days) on a electro-bass tip, with pulsing 808 bassdrums, dirty, sour synth riffs and pitched metallic textures. One for the dark rooms and huge speakers! The soundtrack to cyborgs tearing up a huge warehouse (with extra subs)