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Various Artists - Suicide Beauty Spot remixes (part 1)

Various Artists

Suicide Beauty Spot remixes (part 1)

Combat Recordings

Released: 24th May 2010 | 4 track dubstep ep
Point B follows up the Industrial Revulsion E.P. with a swift second-strike, this time in the form of 4 killer remixes to further mangle the dancefloor and rewire your head. Upon completion of the Point B's Suicide Beauty Spot album, several artists stepped forth for remix duties to give their own unique interpretation of the album's tracks. In most cases, they just went straight to work without hearing the originals, resulting in several very interesting, diverse takes on Point B's work. First up is the mighty Cursor Miner, who applies his dancefloor knowledge to give an immense beast of a mutant electro/breakbeat track that's torn several venues apart at peak-time, including the Centrifuge party in Berlin this February. Thorn Industries' Blackmass Plastics takes a more restrained, considered approach on his own dark 2-step version, which snarls and prowls dark alleys deliberately and with great precision, armed with razor sharp beats and a cold, impassive face. Pushing things on a more melodic, downtempo tip is DC Recordings' Kelpe, a long time colleage of Point B. He reworks Forgotten Ritual into a colourful, bouncing, hip hop track infused with bittersweet melodies and a fat chugging bassline. Equally melodic but much much harder is the Cloaks remix of Suicide Beauty Spot. The experts of precision-noise electronic music took the original parts and processed them into something excruciatingly beautiful, fragile part-melodies encased in crystalline distortion and shards of precision noise, set over a dubstep beat. This E.P. brings together Combat's artists and new allies, and will be followed by part 2 of the remixes which will include Boxcutter, Dead Fader, Deadsound and Noiz.