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Machine Code - 2nd Nature E.P.

Machine Code

2nd Nature E.P.

Combat Recordings

Released: 10th May 2010 | 4 track dubstep single
2010 sees two new warriors joining the Combat clan. Machine Codes is a collaboration between Dean Rodell and Current Value. Both veteran producers in their own right, Dean Rodell has pushed the harder edged sdide of techno since the early 90's, and has collaborated with many leading producers such as The Panacea, Glenn Wilson, Patrik Skoog, DJ Ogi, Stafan Ehrlin & Cooh to mention but a few. Equally heavyweight from the drum'n'bass field comes Current Value. Going strong since day one and having pushed the limits withing within the drum n bass community for a decade now, he began with seminal releases on the early Position Chrome label, arguably some of the most insanely technical programming of its time. Later moving from haunted spacestation soundtracks to a more visceral style of dancefloor smashers, he's not let up on the extreme technical drum programming. The duo met randomly over a curry in Berlin and started working on tracks together. As the project took form, the distinctly technoid heavyweight dubstep sound became Machine Codes, 4 tracks of which are on this E.P. Drawing upon their wealth of experience, it is what you would expect from the best of techno / drum'n'bass studio knowledge: Sleek, pulsing technoid atmospheres, searing Nor Modular synth riffs, insanely powerful drums and earth shaking basslines. The sound of earth being pummeled from above by an unstoppable fleet of mutant android spacefighters, chaos reigning on the ground as cities collapse under the assault. With added subs.