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Scorn - Remixes by King Cannibal & Wee DJs


Remixes by King Cannibal & Wee DJs

Combat Recordings

Released: 6th December 2010 | 3 track dubstep single
Two Industrial Funk obliterations from King Cannibal and Wee DJs tackling the prickly subject of Scorn's 'Gravelbed' and 'Super Mantis'. Hats off to King Cannibal on the 'Super Mantis remix, managing to turn an already rabid cut into a hellish hardcore nightmare of epic proportions. And same to Wee DJs on the 'Gravel Bed' version, injecting it with some Scottish swagger and placing it in a dread techno battlezone, ready to do business. Full frontal gear for the hardiest of sound system warriors. - Boomkat