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Point B - Suicide Beauty Spot - Remixes Part 2

Point B

Suicide Beauty Spot - Remixes Part 2

Combat Recordings

Released: 7th February 2011 | 5 track dubstep ep
Upon completion of the Point B's Suicide Beauty Spot album, several artists stepped forth for remix duties to give their own unique interpretation of the album's tracks. In most cases, artists just went straight to work without hearing the originals, resulting in several very interesting, diverse takes on Point B's work. This is part 2 of the album remixes, featuring some long awaited gems that have been ripping up soundsystems for the best part of a year on dubplate. First up is the mighty Dead Fader, a Brighton based duo responsible for some of the fiercest new productions for the past couple of years, a melting pot of precision, crystalline noise electronica beefed up with heavy subs and infused with dissonant melodies that belie a genuine musicality. Having surfaced on the excellent 3by3 label, they've stepped up their game with sterling remixes for the likes of King Cannibal and now Point B. Ireland's Boxcutter delivers a totally different take on the Point B sound, one of late night introspection, lush melodies and huge pulsing dubstep basslines with dubbed out funk licks over the top. Already featured on Rob Booth's excellent Electronic Explorations podcast. Boris Noiz takes things dark, driving and intense on his version, skittering mechanical insect hi hats and deep, broken techno rhythms that we could only describe as broken 4/4 techno. It's being championed by techno uberlord Surgeon, and was featured as first track for his mix on the CLR podcast series by Chris Liebing. Adopting a more breakbeat-reinforced 4/4 approach is the version by Dead Sound aka. Paul Carrol. His deeply narcotic, physical mechanoid style of peak-time dancefloor grooves can be found in the pounding sets by Surgeon, as well as recent remix work for Go Hiyama. Blackmass Plastics steps up again with a rolling drumbreak-led assault, with the hedonistic spirit of old skool hardcore framed within a precise breakstep / UK funky structure.