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Anodyne - Empires EP


Empires EP

Combat Recordings

Released: 23rd May 2011 | 4 track u.k./euro techno ep
We're really excited for this one... Tech'ed up up with 2011 production while nodding back to the 90's electronic influences like Warp Records, Skam et al, the Empires E.P. features 4 tracks of clattering breakbeat electro, dense with majestic yet melancholic, euphoric yet mournful strings that call to mind Beaumont Hannant, Autechcre and Gescom. Already supported by ScanOne, Stormfield, Plaid and Rob Hall, this is some of Anodyne's finest work to date. One of Ireland's unsung electronic heroes, Colin N Cloughley aka Anodyne has been making music since the late 90's, appearing on the seminal MASK offshoot of Skam Records. It should come as no surprise that fertile period of rave history has inspired and informed his productions heavily, surfacing in the fierce electro/techno/drum-break hybrid rhythms and dense, majestically mournful chords infusing every track which call to mind Autechre, Gescom and Rob Hall. Sublime melodies and strings that are similtaneously grounded with guttural low notes, giving Anodyne's music that very rare quality of being able to sound dark yet euphoric, majestic yet melancholic at the same time. Melodic, affirming and beautiful but in a way that you could never ever call cheesy. Bursting back into the public eye in 2010 with the Corrosion album, it became clear the degree of respect his music enjoys, with remix work coming in from the likes of The Black Dog, Lackluster and the mighty Autechre themselves. The 4 tracks on Empires evolves his sound even further, applying his skill at chopped-up hardcore breakage and detroit-influenced pads to the mutant, introspective dancefloor sound thatCombat Recordings pushes. Look out for further remix work to come from the Combat crew, including Boris Noiz, Subjex, Naeked and more.