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Stormfield - Collapsing System E.P.


Collapsing System E.P.

Combat Recordings

Released: 8th April 2013 | 6 track techno ep

Along with running Combat Recordings, the excellent Riddim and Bruise show on Sub FM, and teaching A.V. Stormfield is very busy indeed. He's quite the prolific producer as well having put out some wicked tracks down through the years. His latest E.P. is no different and sees him delve further into the dark crevices of techno. Though the tracks come in several different styles and tempos, the unifying theme for this release is acid, acid and more acid.

Audio previews, gig information and videos of mastering session with Matt Colton:

"Diggin' the Defekt Mix...will play for sure."
Radioactive Man, RGC
"Charted Defekt remix on Resident Advisor"
Sunil Sharpe, Earwiggle
"All round quality underground release from label boss Stormfield + Superb remixes all round…Deep cinematic Acid, Bass, Electro and heavy IDM."
ScanOne, Yellow Machines
"Love the EP, loads of different styles on the trax but my favorite is the Rebuild (DeFeKt mix) which is an absolute beast!!"
Billy Nasty, Electrix
"Collapsing System (Nonima remix) when I listen to this I have images of wearing night vision goggles witnessing a barrage of air strikes, missiles and gun fire going off all to the sounds of Brian Eno in a sparse desert setting, its mesmerising, beautiful, poignant yet brutal. Rebuild (DeFeKt remix) – Slightly biased to any production of DeFeKt, for me he is making the most interesting electro of a generation, those looping basslines give me goose-bumps ! Rebuild (original) pure uncompromising acid darkness from Stormfield, “acid sci fi 2048” Collapsing System (Errorbeauty remix) Relentless beats and acid, bleeps and monstrous dance appeal.. If I was DJ’g in a club I’d choose this of the 4 tracks, the crowd would go mental … reminds me of Zion in Matrix"
Rob Booth, Electronic Explorations
"Will surely play 'Sea Ice'. Support."
Lucy, Stroboscopic Artefacts
"The EP all sounds good, was mostly into the Error Beauty mix, swelteringly intense!"
Warlock, Rag and Bone
"Having listened through, it's all about the Defekt remix for me (as predicted). Nice EP overall."
Tengui, Colony
"I'm a massive fan of Combat and Defekt so no doubt i'll love them. Wav's would be great if it's no hassle? I'll give them a blast on the next show if thats ok?"
Nez, Future Music Radio
"Sounding great, really like Collapsing System and the Errorsystem mix if filth!"
Lakker, Killekill