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Cursor Miner, ScanOne & Blackmass Plastics - The 4 Guardians E.P.

Cursor Miner, ScanOne & Blackmass Plastics

The 4 Guardians E.P.

Combat Recordings

Released: 7th April 2008 | 4 track beats & breaks ep
4 demonic blasts of dancefloor energy, born of the hybrid electro/grime/darkcore sound brewing in the London sewers… Already smashed on dubplate extensively by noted machine funk deviants Andrew Weatherall, Radioactive Man, Warlock, NoYeahNo, Si Begg, The Dexorcist, Controlled Weirdness, Shelly Parker, The Alt Ctrl Soundsystem, Uberdog, Yukimura (Czech Republic), Martial Flaw (Ammunition, USA), 214 (Ai), Stormfield, Digital Distortions and the Combat crew, autumn 2005 sees this sonic punishment tool unleashed upon dancefloors everywhere. Track of the week, October, Breezeblock Bomb, BBC Radio One. To say it's a monster is slightly understating it as it's got some incredibly fierce Electro and Grime tracks going on from beginning to end. It almost out-Grimes the entire Grime scene in one easy move, actually. Walloping great big beats and fantastically heavy basslines mean that this'll be rocking it for some time to come. Big stuff and highly recommended. - Smallfish Records UK Combat records hit back with a new piece of plastic that's sharp enough to slice the head off an elephant and nasty enough to spit the blood back in its face! - Marc Adamo, Product01 Ruff! I'll definately play this out - Keith Tenniswood, Radioactive Man The Cursor Miner track is SICK - Vex'd It's a work of total genius :) it's BRILLIANT!!! i mean, totally!! - Mary Anne Hobbs, Breezeblock, BBC Radio One